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I couldn't NOT march. I had to do it. I've been needing an active way to express my feelings and DO SOMETHING. Although I have signed petitions, called justice dept. and senators I need to do more. The situation existing now in the US has been imposed upon us not requested by us. Daily the situation worsens and spreads. The burden feels heavier the space to move tighter. I am in a position of ease in my own life right now but others are not. My children are busily engaged in earning a living. I know that I am fortunate ... but I cannot rest easy while others suffer in so many ways. What happens here has a worldwide effect.

Thus, I attended the San Diego branch of the Women's March. Daughter Suzy, longtime friend Colleen and I boarded the trolley early in East county. We carried our home made signs, march sweatshirts, and rain gear (yes we have been undergoing a deluge). How can I describe what I saw and felt? Like minded people, People with a myriad of issues. Strong people. Old people on crutches. Children, babies even. Families, parents, grandparents. Friends. Strangers. (We never ran into anyone we knew even though all three of us had gaggles of friends and acquaintances going). Signs were everywhere (much creativity and even humor abounded.) People filled the high balconies of the parking garage nearby. We stood in the courtyard of the Civic Center. We could not hear the speeches over the crowd and the poor speaker system but we tried to listen anyway. Rain began pouring down upon us. Still we stood trapped in the center of this living organism of the Women's March. Later I was to learn that we were 40thousand strong. Finally we began to move, slowly. Then things came to a halt as people from surrounding streets melded into the stream of people. We followed as a sea of people saw an alternative way to empty the courtyard and join the slow moving stream. It was just about a mile of actual walking to reach the county building but we walked with one intent ... to be heard and seen. At the harbor people watched from the cruise ships at dock and waved and cheered. And the stream went on and on and on. It just felt to good to know that I am not alone in my box of fear and stress. There is strength in numbers. It's just a beginning but worldwide people are fired up and ready to go do more.

After I returned home I got a text from Jim. He said he didn't feel like going out that night and I could use our tickets to the Fabulous Thunderbirds concert. I called to check on him. He said that he didn't feel like going because I had participated in the march.
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