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Just trying this out to see what works.
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How about a quick listing today?
*It has been a "hoot" watching Victoria, the owl, in my owl box, as she nurtures and feeds her owlets. The owl box is kept filled with rodent carnage by Albert, a most enterprising and conscientious owl daddy. I think there may be only one egg still to hatch out of the batch of six. Due to their staggered laying times the babies are hatching on a staggered schedule. Thus they are all sizes. Victoria seems to do around the clock feeding. She must be exhausted!

*My postcard is written and stamped ready for 3.15.17, the Ides of Trump. I am daily appalled and horrified by what emanates from the White House.

*Spring has sprung here. Due to the recent rains everything is green and beautiful ... even the weeds.

* New circulating ball type fountain for my garden. So lovely and tranquil.

*Betty has come and gone. She stayed with Teaberry so that I could experience 3 days of Catalina. First visit.

*Added Signage Team to Water Conservation responsibilities. Clayton gave permission yesterday for pot purchase for parterre. My mother and I are purchasing a large fountain for succulent planting in the formal garden area.

*Haircut and color urgently needed!

*New neighbor in rental house with many cars. Usually 5 at a time but not always the same five. Not sure who is there. Pitfall of a large home next door is that hordes move in and feel free to park in front of my home.

*Daylight savings time already!?!
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February has been a busy month.
A short trip to Catalina while my sister stayed with Teaberry. I had never been and loved it. Caught the ferry in Long Beach. Planned to stay two nights but ended up staying three because the ferries stopped running in the storm. Loved the $1.00 bus tour around the island, the tour of the "casino" which was actually an amazing elegant 1920s movie theater, ballroom and more. Enjoyed walking everywhere. It was perfect. TB sad.

Garden drama and kudos. Frustrated about getting supplies to finish the formal garden. Observed kids and adults touring the area and loving it. Must not hold out for perfection.

Clean house today thanks to Lillian. Strong urge to clear out things I no longer need. Refrigerator died. Replaced it! 32 year old stove and microwave faltering. Replaced them. Car in shop for nearly two weeks. Finally got it back. So much rain.
The news is all Trump and deplorables and the breaking down of our rights.

That is all for now. :o)
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I couldn't NOT march. I had to do it. I've been needing an active way to express my feelings and DO SOMETHING. Although I have signed petitions, called justice dept. and senators I need to do more. The situation existing now in the US has been imposed upon us not requested by us. Daily the situation worsens and spreads. The burden feels heavier the space to move tighter. I am in a position of ease in my own life right now but others are not. My children are busily engaged in earning a living. I know that I am fortunate ... but I cannot rest easy while others suffer in so many ways. What happens here has a worldwide effect.

Thus, I attended the San Diego branch of the Women's March. Daughter Suzy, longtime friend Colleen and I boarded the trolley early in East county. We carried our home made signs, march sweatshirts, and rain gear (yes we have been undergoing a deluge). How can I describe what I saw and felt? Like minded people, People with a myriad of issues. Strong people. Old people on crutches. Children, babies even. Families, parents, grandparents. Friends. Strangers. (We never ran into anyone we knew even though all three of us had gaggles of friends and acquaintances going). Signs were everywhere (much creativity and even humor abounded.) People filled the high balconies of the parking garage nearby. We stood in the courtyard of the Civic Center. We could not hear the speeches over the crowd and the poor speaker system but we tried to listen anyway. Rain began pouring down upon us. Still we stood trapped in the center of this living organism of the Women's March. Later I was to learn that we were 40thousand strong. Finally we began to move, slowly. Then things came to a halt as people from surrounding streets melded into the stream of people. We followed as a sea of people saw an alternative way to empty the courtyard and join the slow moving stream. It was just about a mile of actual walking to reach the county building but we walked with one intent ... to be heard and seen. At the harbor people watched from the cruise ships at dock and waved and cheered. And the stream went on and on and on. It just felt to good to know that I am not alone in my box of fear and stress. There is strength in numbers. It's just a beginning but worldwide people are fired up and ready to go do more.

After I returned home I got a text from Jim. He said he didn't feel like going out that night and I could use our tickets to the Fabulous Thunderbirds concert. I called to check on him. He said that he didn't feel like going because I had participated in the march.
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about rapidly approaching Christmas, getting ready for rapidly approaching Christmas, expectations for r.a.c. (mostly self-imposed), and a bit of the December blahs as well. I have tried hard to simplify this year. Although I "decorated" little this year (no full-sized tree) I did deck out a small metal tree and my seasonal living room tree branch. I dragged out the 2ft. tall animated Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the hearth, placed two poinsettias near the front door and began putting up white twinkle lights and twinkling snowflakes. Oh and the tiny handmade gnomes and Santa sit on my approximation of a mantel. That's it! The huge plastic tubs of holiday stuff sit untouched this year. I did decline three holiday parties and attended one (closest friends). I am hosting a holiday brunch on Sunday mostly for family but I'd have to check the refrigerator to tell exactly what I am serving. I usually have lists and timetables prepared. I also deal with the fact that much of my family doesn't bother to let me know if they are coming. This year I did not ask for an RSVP so I will not be disappointed. What happens will be just fine. Gifts ... I detest holiday shopping. It mostly feels obligatory these days. I don't enjoy buying and giving STUFF (just because) that others don't want or need. Likely this is because I am in the process of divesting myself of much un-needed detritus in my own life. Lacking grandchildren to buy presents for I am gifting the young adults with token gifts and some $$ to use as they wish.

I have discussed all of this with the significant people in my life. Others echo the sentiment so I may be in the minority but know I am not alone in striving to simplify.

So today will be spent doing a little baking and taking care of a few items lurking on my procrastination list. :o)
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We live in a world that is much more dangerous than yesterday.
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*My ballot has been completed and is ready to drop off at a polling place.

Just can't think, write any more about this just now. My deepest hope is that there are more sane people than crazy misinformed ones casting their ballots.

Owls have begun to inhabit the newly situated owl box, at least at night. They are not there in the mornings so nothing is really happening yet. Jim installed an interior camera this time so it is fun to watch on the little Mickey Mouse tv. They do a lot of scratching. No neighbor complaints yet. Hope all goes well.

Halloween was uneventful. About 18-20 trick or treaters.

TB has had one episode since starting on this medication, but duration was short ... only about three minutes.

Completed the Susan G. Komen 5K with Jim & Suzy last Sunday. Harder than last few times since I am not used to walking as much recently. With cooler weather (although 90 degrees today) this should change.

Went with friend Sonya to an extended studies lecture at SDSU yesterday. It was called Paradise in an English Garden and was lovely. History of gardening in England, lots of garden images. I jotted a list of gardens I hope to visit someday.

Off to drop off my ballot.
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Just registered for the Susan G Komen 5K in Balboa Park. This will be my 5th year of participation. Motivated by hanging out with daughter Suzy and Jim (his wife had breast cancer). It will be up early due to November time change.

I worked with Clayton yesterday morning in The Garden figuring out the pathway and adjusting plant placement and more. He asked for my input/approval on all changes. I told him that ultimately it is his garden. He asked if I really felt that and I had to admit that since the design is mostly mine and since I have spent a multitude of hours there figuring things out, doing physical labor as well as making up a timeline of what needs to be done, when, & by whom I really do feel some ownership. I said it must be Our Garden.

TB is doing better. Since the vet took him off the medication that was making him so sick it has been much easier to get the other med down him. No "episodes" but I am hyper-aware that sometimes his legs are unsteady.

House is clean. Lillian came yesterday and my aim is to keep it fairly neat, tidy, & clean for at least a few days. As I look around I see so much that I need to do to improve my space: paint, carpet, flooring, new kitchen lighting, and of course new hardscape so I can complete the back yard.

The Garden Gala was very fun. I loved dressing up and having a real dance floor where we could try out our swing dancing and night club 2-step.

Jim is almost done with his 3 year project of remodeling his son's home. He is quite the renaissance man. It is amazing!

At night I hear an owl/owls in the back yard. They are looking for the owl box. Our aim is to get it up in it's new location this week.

Halloween is coming up. I toyed with the idea of turning out lights and ignoring it. It drives Teaberry crazy to have the doorbell ring and have weird strangers at the door. Ultimately I was horrified by this plan knowing how much I enjoyed Halloween as a kid.

That's all I've got.
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I truly believe that the politics that have taken place over the last couple of years in America have changed our country forever.
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* Family has come and gone. My mother turned 94 AND passed her driver's test. Several restaurants were visited. No birthday cake. Instead homemade peach cobbler and chocolate pie.

*I gave two formal garden presentations. One was at the garden docent meeting. Clayton's power point didn't work so I had only the design map for illustration. The other was a small group of docent trainees. The power point that Jim helped me with played beautifully. I don't enjoy public speaking but they both went well.

* I have been out of sorts. Backache, not going to gym, not so good test results. Eating too much chocolate. Must avoid cholesterol and sugar. What to do about osteoporosis? TRUMP! Heat is doing me in but so tired of air conditioning.

* Teaberry is having issues. A couple of new incidents of legs shaking and difficulty getting around. They only lasted a couple of minutes BUT something is wrong with my boy. Saw vet on Friday and have neurology appt. for next Monday. Anticipating $4000 MRI.

* Heard from Suzy as her tuition is due. Saw Michael but didn't really get to talk to him.

* Looking at old 8mm film to see if it should be converted.

* The owls are gone. No idea what happened. Neighbor complaints even though I went out of my way to appease (cookies, children's book, photo's for kids, offer to buy earplugs).

*Just sad.

That's it in a nutshell.
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A Shakespeare play that I had never seen or heard of at the Old Globe Theater tonight. I think it was pretty funny but it took a while for me to catch on to what was happening. I was so tired that I caught myself drifting off. What an uncomfortable feeling. Balboa Park was crowded, oh so crowded. Many events going on so it was difficult to park. Jim finally let me out to get in line at Cafe 66 to order food (we were hoping they'd not yet run out of peach cobbler.) By the time I reached the front of the line it was an hour delay to actually get food so we didn't. We ended up at the concession stand outside the Old Globe for a quick snack meal. Lovely people watching.
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Last night the female (we think) owl was in the doorway of the owl box screeching for room service. Jim took the opportunity to capture her image using a flash this time. Isn't she beautiful?
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TB and I witnessed a fight down the hill at the park tonight. One man with a pitbull on a looooong (20ft) leash. One older man with 3 little dogs on leashes. Another older man with 2 little dogs on retractable leashes. We missed the beginning because a man came up to my car as I was getting TB out to warn me of an in-ground wasps nest marked by a stick. He said a dog was killed there by wasps last week. So the fight was in progress: Pitbull owner yelling that as long as his dog was leashed it was fine. Screamed at the older men to go to hell and more. 2 older men were upset that pitbull has come after smaller dogs and that it needed to be on a 6 ft. leash. We crossed the street in haste and took another route. I was rattled because this park is usually a pretty nice place to walk.

TB went to groomer today. I know it is hard for him. He tries not to get out of the car. Has internal GPS that tells him where we are. It is also hard for me.

Feeling behind as I don't have parterre plant list ready for garden tomorrow.

Sister coming to town in Sept. Invited brother and then asked what I am doing for all family to celebrate mother's birthday. Bossy. Always has been.

Sara called and said there was a birthday party for Chuck today at noon that she has known about for a month. I couldn't go today. :o(

Goodbye August.
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Friday night a whole cadre of food trucks parked inside beautiful Balboa Park. We perused them all but settled on Thai food. I had pad see ew with Thai iced tea and Jim tried Drunken noodles with Iced coffee. It was my first food truck experience and it was a good one.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to the art museum in Balboa Park to view the Quilts and Color exhibit. Gorgeous old quilts, mostly pre 1900, mostly from Pennsylvania (with the exception of a stunning Baltimore quilt). I find that my current favorites are the simple Amish ones, done with large pieces and dark but bold colors. The exhibit leaves next weekend so I was so glad to be able to make a second visit.

Today is housecleaning day (Lillian Day). My hard work of picking up and organizing is done and the rest is in her capable hands. So grateful to have her.

Les mis

Aug. 25th, 2016 05:38 pm
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Silly title but I am feeling miserable. It's cooler today but not cool enough! Today was rough in many ways. Working at the garden was done with little enthusiasm. Less for watering in my own garden. Even less for Home Depot trip where I purchased a pot for my miserable struggling Twilight Zone rose bush that barely fit in my car. Ugh!

The owls continue to do whatever it is in that hot owl box. Noises continue to be detected in the vicinity.
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List form tonight.
* The owls are still here. Saw one of the parents flying last night with a huge wingspread. Still unable to capture a photo. Frustrating! We sat out on the patio after dark and listened to the babies screech. I actually like to hear it.
* Jim and his cadre of flying monkeys (Teaberry) assembled the new green metal gazebo today except for the roof. It looks surprisingly good. I worried about positioning it but I think it will be fine.
* Lazy hot day today. Low energy. More heat to come but slightly lower temps.
* School is in session and I am not. That is perfectly fine with me.
* Must clean a few drawers and cupboards this week.
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Thursday night it became apparent that my air conditioning was no longer working. Temperatures here in east county (of San Diego) have been in the high 90's and low 100s this week so I have been running it A LOT. I had the good luck to find a company (Fire & Ice) who actually sent someone promptly in June to replace a capacitor. It worked beautifully until now ... 2 months later. So I called them back and they actually sent someone the same day. Yep, the new capacitor was done, kaput, no longer working. The young man replaced it with another. I asked what made it fail and he said it was man made. Jim researched this and found that these are mostly from China. At least it was covered by a one year warranty so the only charge to me was inconvenience. Today promises to be much more comfortable.

No vacancy

Aug. 19th, 2016 04:29 pm
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Over three years ago I had an owl box installed in my back yard to address the gopher problem. Disappointingly, no owls have taken up residence ... until last Sunday. I have heard barn owls in the neighborhood, not the hooting kind but rather the mumble/screech kind. I have even heard them on my balcony at night. Sunday night when I went in my back yard to gather green waste for pick up I heard them IN THE BOX! Monday they thumped around in there all day. Even though we set up an outside camera we haven't been able to catch them entering and exiting. Will keep trying.


Aug. 17th, 2016 01:48 pm
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Retired teachers lunch yesterday ...4 have been retired since 2013 and one has newly retired. The conversation turned to teaching post 2013 and it was horrifying. No desks in classrooms now just low Japanese style tables and large exercise balls for chairs. Chromebook time mandated daily as well as sending them home for homework. At home they are often used without supervision and even "loaned" to older siblings. They are brought back to school with content inappropriate for young students. No PE is allowed before school only standing in classroom lines where, according to our new retiree, they fight. Superintendent visits unannounced, videotapes whatever lesson is going on and posts these lessons to district websites. And more. I am so glad to be free of the whims of the BIG IDEAS currently being unleashed. I am sorry for the current batch of students.
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OK another birthday ... now up to 67. All in all it was the best kind of day. I was at the Water Conservation Garden early for continuing work on the plant list for the sensory garden. A couple of birthday salutations (Facebook keeps everyone informed of such events). Met briefly with Clayton (horticultural director) re. the Formal Garden area. He is leaving on vacation so nothing immediate will happen other than my working on plant list for that area. Jim, Suzy, my mother and I had lunch at El Cajon Bistro which was quite nice. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and conversation. Worked on home tidying and dog hair vacuuming since Melissa will be here from SF area today thru Monday. Jim returned and we picked up Suzy to go to Montgomery field where the two of them went on the bi-plane ride that I had gifted Jim for his 70th birthday. I took photos and watched through the large plate glass window while drinking iced tea at Casa Machado, the upstairs airport restaurant. They apparently LOVED it. They flew over Suzy's workplace (La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club) and took photos. I was so glad that Suzy agreed to go as I just could not/would not do it. Back home with Suzy for much needed conversations ... about my mother's health, Suzy's study abroad plans (Tijuana!!!!), and Jim's wish for me to go on Christmas Market Rhine River cruise which I have thus far deflected. Jim then returned and (after having canceled our prior reservations for dinner at George's in La Jolla) Suzy, and I joined him for dinner on the twinkly lit patio at Casa de Pico. It was a relaxing and lovely evening. We'll do George's another evening.

So an interesting, lovely day. I finished the evening reading the many Facebook notes from friends, family, and others.


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