Oh nuts!

May. 23rd, 2012 05:34 pm
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While I wait for my vegetarian burrito to cook as well as Teaberry's chicken & rice I am nibbling on walnuts & peanuts. Food preparation currently seems such a chore. I just want to eat & get it over with. Teaberry, on the other hand, has become quite picky ... hence the home prepared dinner. If it weren't for nuts, chocolate, & cereal I'm not sure I'd survive. Goal for summer is to improve my food prep skills or at the very least to care about eating.
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Yesterday was my first Comic-Con experience...and what an experience! Except for the, at times overwhelming, crowds I loved it. Even though my genre of comics is more the Mickey Mouse, Pickles, Zits, Baby Blues, Mutts, type I recognize quirkiness, talent, and enthusiasm when I see it. It was great fun and eye opening. I keep visualizing my now 27 year old son as a 14 year old wandering the floor, sitting at the Magic card gaming tables, watching the masquerade, and participating fully in the experience. I used to hear about it but now it all makes sense. Also must note the politeness of the crowd. Even though at times the floor was packed, non-moving, and overly warm...no one shoved , courtesies were exchanged upon inadvertent collision, and people often stepped back and invited you to pass. A courtly group.
Along those lines my favorite part of the Con was the amazing costuming. As a person with an entire closet overflowing with costumes (tooth fairy, Carmen Miranda, clown, ladybug, 50's dance outfit, Minnie Mouse, Miss Understood, 1900's ladies bathing costume, jester, and on & on & on I loved seeing the characters wandering the floor. I was amazed at the variety, detail, and talents employed. I thought sewing was a lost art but it looks as though it is still going strong! I frequently wished I had known ahead to put together something special to wear. My Mickey Mouse Crocs and backpack were just not quite up to par.

The cookie dough part? Having recently learned that my cholesterol is 2 pts above target and that oatmeal plays a role in lowering it have decided to make a huge batch of oatmeal cookie dough and stash it in the freezer for snack emergencies. ;o)


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