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Yeah about that. I feel exhausted. Last night was Kay & John's surprise 45th anniversary party given by their daughters. It was nice & a surprise but I spent most of the evening standing as in a cocktail party (even though I drank Coke). There was a shortage of tables so we stood at a tall table during dinner & on & on & on. It was outside on the patio and HOT. Even though I slept fairly well my energy is extremely low.

I'm planning on attending the Master Gardener informational meeting at Balboa Park on Wednesday. I likely will fill out the application and see if I can be accepted for training.

We have been dancing a lot. Thursday night club 2 step class. Friday Balboa Park dancing waltz & east coast swing lessons. Saturday Jitterbug lesson. Sunday Jitterbug Club.

Should be organizing for house cleaner (Lillian) to come tomorrow. It will be the last time she comes before the arrival of my 2 siblings as house guests. Having trouble getting motivated energy-wise. Maybe a nap is in store.

Lots of arthritis pain contributes to my lack of motivation.

So much paper clutter seems daunting.

Nap calls.

Swing Dance

Aug. 2nd, 2009 04:47 pm
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OK, so I've been going to the beginner lesson at Swing Club for over a month now. Nothing fabulous but it is a good review and I'm moving. I have some pals this time to reinforce my efforts: Linda, Becky. Holly, Nancy. This makes it so much more fun. Someday, maybe, I'll stay longer than a half hour after the lesson & participate in the actual dance. Or maybe not!


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