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I am going to go to the Right Coast of America in a little over two weeks. Jim and I are headed for Buffalo, New York to attend a wedding and visit relatives in his hometown. I am told that there will be autumn leaves and a trip to Niagara Falls (Canadian side). Our stay will include a rehearsal dinner, a visit with a new baby & family, certain beloved restaurants, a brunch, a tour of Jim's old haunts, & more. So that's the fun part.

I have not traveled a great deal ... mostly because I could not afford to in my single parent life. The kids & I did take trips to Disneyland and even Camp Mather in Yosemite. Suzy & I also enjoyed our two week Rick Steve's tour of London & Paris. A week on Oahu with my friend Cathie, staying in a friend of a friends' timeshare, & that's about it.

The jitters part involves Teaberry ... my one-woman dog. I have so much anxiety about how he will fare when I am gone. My sister is coming from Portland to care for him (& visit our mother). She is not a dog person. I am leaving a Teaberry Book with his routines & instructions, which should help, I hope. I am working on letting go and convincing myself that all will be well. I know it sounds silly but he & I are a family. That's all I can say about it.

Southern CA. to Buffalo in the fall. I am also agonizing over the packing. It's hard to even think about warmer clothing when the temp. has risen to 100 degrees here. I'm trying to do carry-on only so I'm doing careful list-making. It'll all work out, right?

So I am excited but anxious ... but at any rate I am leaving on a jet plane. :o)


Aug. 3rd, 2009 07:51 am
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Hawaii in less than a week! School in 3 weeks, thus must prepare classroom before leaving this next Sunday. So much to do. Get Teaberry (food, supplies, paperwork) ready for boarding. Release anxiety about leaving him ... we haven't been apart since adopting him last November. Packing. Leaving things in good shape on the domestic front (cancel newspaper, mail, arrange for plant care, etc.) Worked in yard early this morning. The sun was ferociously bright and golden this morning so I was up by 6:30AM and got the trash out to the curb in plenty of time for pickup as well as filled the humongous green bin with yard cuttings. Feeling productive. Must go to AAA for Hawaii info, get cash, clean/put away for The Girls on Wednesday.

The school chores loom. Must wait to custodian to clean carpets before arranging desks, must procure more desks since class size is increasing from 20 to 25. ;o( Bulletin boards to do, curriculum to plan, & on & on & on. It always gets done.

Above all enjoy all that is to be enjoyed!
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Even though I'm on my computer daily, the writing muse has not struck me for a looong time. During the summer I enjoyed my first trip to Europe! We focused on London & Paris. It was everything I imagined, dreamed of, hoped for, and more. The memories will stick with me forever. When others ask about my favorites I reflect on two places that served as perfect places of reflection. In Paris, the night view from the Eiffel Tower was incredible! As I strolled and stood I reflected on all I had experienced on the trip. A similar occurrance took place atop the London Eye. Something about the height and broad view of amazing places seems to have triggered my appreciation of all that it meant to be there.
So now I'm back, hard at work, some of the same old/same old. Somewhere lurking in my mind is the remembrance of travel and the desire to experience more. I'll always have Paris. :o)


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