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Nearly 2 months without TV. Well, I did finally add a DVD player to the little upstairs Mickey Mouse TV ... but the picture is so small you could hardly count it. So today, I thought the planets had aligned or something. Instead, the full moon drove events. Installer (who was from a moving company and arrived in his personal car) came significantly later than his 7:30 AM scheduled time. Said he didn't need extra cable set the Zipinstall people had insisted upon. Said he wouldn't install VCR, DVD, Roku, set up HDTV... said it wasn't his job and that I should call the cable people. Knowing that I had paid extra for set up I called the zip people who affirmed that I was indeed correct. He in turn called the installer's supervisor. I asked installer to show me how to change channels and he couldn't make it work either since he had set it up incorrectly. He redid that and left. Phone rings and it is supervisor wanting to talk with installer. To shorten this miserably long and tedious story, 2 hours later a guy from Direct TV shows up with orders to make it right. Things are mostly set to go though I still need to arrange a HDDVR box from Cox. As he left the Direct TV guy offered to switch me to his service.

As for anthropology my living room is currently a landfill of old media pieces including: ONKYO CD player, record player/turntable and conversion box to play through stereo, old DVD player (switched with new), heaps of misc. cables and cords, leftover plastic bits & pieces from the install, a nearly complete assortment of HDTV cables, an empty armoire with the back partially removed to fit old TV, and a hall tree on the landing which has been temporarily displaced by the armoire. Old TV has been recycled. Still have a heap of dog leashes, jackets, bags etc. that gave up their home in the black leather box when it was needed for cable camouflage. Does the domino effect now make sense as well?


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