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*My ballot has been completed and is ready to drop off at a polling place.

Just can't think, write any more about this just now. My deepest hope is that there are more sane people than crazy misinformed ones casting their ballots.

Owls have begun to inhabit the newly situated owl box, at least at night. They are not there in the mornings so nothing is really happening yet. Jim installed an interior camera this time so it is fun to watch on the little Mickey Mouse tv. They do a lot of scratching. No neighbor complaints yet. Hope all goes well.

Halloween was uneventful. About 18-20 trick or treaters.

TB has had one episode since starting on this medication, but duration was short ... only about three minutes.

Completed the Susan G. Komen 5K with Jim & Suzy last Sunday. Harder than last few times since I am not used to walking as much recently. With cooler weather (although 90 degrees today) this should change.

Went with friend Sonya to an extended studies lecture at SDSU yesterday. It was called Paradise in an English Garden and was lovely. History of gardening in England, lots of garden images. I jotted a list of gardens I hope to visit someday.

Off to drop off my ballot.
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I belong to a local garden club as well as being a docent at The Water Conservation Garden in my area. Both venues are a fount of ideas not to mention providing a plethora of shared plant cuttings. Our last garden club meeting was held at a members' new home which (since no lawns were allowed) featured native landscaping. Some were natives that came back after the home was built and others were selected to suit the grounds. Many of the smaller plants came from cuttings. Our speaker for the morning was Connie Beck, a local horticulture teacher, garden club member, and a very humorous, engaging lecturer. She demonstrated ways to propagate different kinds of plants. We then were encouraged to take cuttings that we could propagate at home. So much fun. I came right home and got to work. We'll see how they progress (or not).

Next, one of my garden teams was working in the sensory garden. We trimmed back several plants and I brought home cuttings to add to my collection. I eagerly watch to verify that they are alive and growing.

In other garden news I experimented with growing moss. I am hoping to grow moss successfully at home and then try it on the cement angels in the formal garden area of the WCG. Unfortunately, my black cocker, Teaberry, decided that he liked the taste of the buttermilk in the mix and licked and scratched most of it off. Looks like I'll be making another batch.

Finally the WCG had our first ever tour of 5 gardens owned by docents. It was wonderful. So many good ideas and the organization and implementation of the tour worked like well-oiled machinery. So many compliments from the public. It was fun to talk with people who are striving to use more drought tolerant plantings.
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I am going to go to the Right Coast of America in a little over two weeks. Jim and I are headed for Buffalo, New York to attend a wedding and visit relatives in his hometown. I am told that there will be autumn leaves and a trip to Niagara Falls (Canadian side). Our stay will include a rehearsal dinner, a visit with a new baby & family, certain beloved restaurants, a brunch, a tour of Jim's old haunts, & more. So that's the fun part.

I have not traveled a great deal ... mostly because I could not afford to in my single parent life. The kids & I did take trips to Disneyland and even Camp Mather in Yosemite. Suzy & I also enjoyed our two week Rick Steve's tour of London & Paris. A week on Oahu with my friend Cathie, staying in a friend of a friends' timeshare, & that's about it.

The jitters part involves Teaberry ... my one-woman dog. I have so much anxiety about how he will fare when I am gone. My sister is coming from Portland to care for him (& visit our mother). She is not a dog person. I am leaving a Teaberry Book with his routines & instructions, which should help, I hope. I am working on letting go and convincing myself that all will be well. I know it sounds silly but he & I are a family. That's all I can say about it.

Southern CA. to Buffalo in the fall. I am also agonizing over the packing. It's hard to even think about warmer clothing when the temp. has risen to 100 degrees here. I'm trying to do carry-on only so I'm doing careful list-making. It'll all work out, right?

So I am excited but anxious ... but at any rate I am leaving on a jet plane. :o)

TB floats

Aug. 30th, 2015 01:25 am
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Teaberry has been very interested in Jim's pool this year. Last year ... not so much. This year, probably because we are having so much fun floating in this 95 degree weather, he seems fascinated. He'll sit at the edge and watch. He'll drink from my iced tea glass and even made atentative step onto the pool steps. Two days ago he sat on the steps. Yesterday he climbed onto my lap in the raft and floated with me as I held him. He seemed very relaxed. Today he wasn't sure he even wanted to go outside with us but rather sat inside the door & whined while we went down to the pool. When he finally decided to come out he came to the edge and waited to climb aboard.

It just seemed like one of those perfect evenings that I'll remember forever. Pool toys are courtesy of Suzy.
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Getting ready for Christmas. I am actually going to host brunch at my home on Thursday with a few available local relatives & a couple of non-related revelers. Put up a few more festive things in my home than I normally do: my actual decorated Christmas tree, large animated Mickey & Minnie on hearth along with tiny m & m mouse tree, new framed sign (If You Stop Believing in Santa You Get Underwear), crochet snowflake tree branch, tall metal silver & gold tree with icicles & snowflakes, animated m mouse toys I have been gifted over the years, and twinkly white lights & snowflakes outside. I had done little in the way of festivity over the last few years so this is unusual. Tonight progressive dinner Part 3 held at Jim's house. I'm on overload with holiday Hallmark movies. Why do I keep recording them?

I am so not good at the gift-giving thing. It is always fraught with anxiety.

My current obsession is designing & scouting for fabric (plaid taffeta) for a Regency (Jane Austin) dress to wear to Night in Vienna at the end of January. Taffeta has been elusive but today I just bid on & won 6+ yards on eBay. Excited to see if it is actually suitable when it arrives. If not, back on eBay it goes.

Doing some baking. Fruitcake, first time ever. (I don't actually like it but a couple of people in my life do ... so why not? A few kinds of cookies and that's about it.

Sister & brother-in-law are coming to visit at the end of January from Portland. That's always interesting.

Teaberry's cataracts have not worsened in the 6 years I've been taking him to eye specialist. For this I am grateful.


Jul. 7th, 2013 11:12 am
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as Gomer Pyle used to say. Yeah, I watched a Mayberry Marathon last week.
Let's see:
Monarch butterflies & caterpillars are back.
Teaberry keeps me in his sight.
Tomatoes are prolific.
Gophers are rampant.
Due to messed up sprinklers I no longer have a lawn.
Bought a $4.95 VHS player at a thrift store and replaced defunct one.
Watching Riverdance on VHS.
Fingernails look like I've taken a summer job on a farm.
Thrilling life but I'm happy!
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Teaberry gum, in honor of the lovely cocker spaniel ... Teaberry. Also known as Doodle, Teebida Da Beebida, Mr. Berry, Berry Boy, or Honey Bunches of Dog Love. I am smitten. We are forgoing walks for a couple of days due to his recent accident. He always likes to reach the top of the stairs before me. This time he was in such a hurry that his back legs slipped and he hurt himself. Very uncomfortable, had trouble walking. Carried him to the vet in a padded laundry basket. It seems Mr. Berry hurt his back. One shot, a tiny vial of pills, and $120 later he is on the mend. He is feeling better but I was warned to keep him calm for a while so no walks. It's hard to keep a good dog in!

Oh, and my new rice bag Keen sandals arrived on my doorstep today. I'm very pleased!
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Title came to me while watching Teaberry chew a rope toy to pieces. Hunting season has begun for T. He checks out every gopher hole we pass on our many walks. Yesterday he stuck his nose in some plants and pulled out a ...RAT!!!! Ugh! Quick, brush the dog's teeth!

In other breaking news I am on our two week spring break. It just didn't come too soon. Things are just so stressful globally and in my little corner of the world. One week after we return we have to administer THE TEST.

Put together the guest room yesterday. New bed, bedding, linens and such. It looks very inviting and friendly. Pottery Barn red print duvet and shams perfectly set off the creamy painted bed and walls. May refresh walls with semi-gloss paint. We'll see.

So no real plans for break ... just rejuvenation and we'll see what presents. Soul mending is always welcomed here.
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I am in awe! My taxes are finished and filed long before April 15th this year. Now on to bigger and better things. Clean garage? Closets? Do hemming of too long pants? Mending? Organizing kitchen? I'm sure I'll think of something.
I hope this school week goes better than last. No student hanging out UNDER his desk? No "lost" children on a field trip. No faculty meeting with spurious sweep data dumped in our laps.
On the home front, Teaberry is freshly trimmed and bathed, dinner out with my 2 homies Friday night, quiche in the freezer, long dog walk completed, and oh, yes, taxes no longer hanging over my head.


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