Jul. 7th, 2013 11:12 am
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as Gomer Pyle used to say. Yeah, I watched a Mayberry Marathon last week.
Let's see:
Monarch butterflies & caterpillars are back.
Teaberry keeps me in his sight.
Tomatoes are prolific.
Gophers are rampant.
Due to messed up sprinklers I no longer have a lawn.
Bought a $4.95 VHS player at a thrift store and replaced defunct one.
Watching Riverdance on VHS.
Fingernails look like I've taken a summer job on a farm.
Thrilling life but I'm happy!
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Grade level meeting with new Principal, work in classroom, shop for needed supplies, Teaberry trip to eye specialist, walks down to park for exercise & to see Maryann & Taffy, water enough to keep yard and plant specimans alive, laundry, Auto Tech for Volvo service, car wash, grab lunch, get ready for Lilian to clean, mail letters, cherish Teaberry, try to keep house cool, get ready, get ready, get ready for SCHOOL!

:o) !

Aug. 8th, 2012 09:31 pm
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*Saw a tomato red dragonfly in the backyard today perched on top of a big wire <3 shaped plant holder. Lovely!
*Watched Teaberry stalk a lizard through the sliding glass door. As soon as the dog door snapped the lizard vanished.
*Took Teaberry for yearly teeth cleaning. He did well.
*Cathie dropped by for a quick visit between her taxi service. We ate chocolate (she milk choc., me dark choc.) and watched Bunheads and part of Ballykissangel.
*Walked this evening and met up with Taffy and Maryann in the park.
*Sorted out windshield with AAA and booked an appt. for tomorrow afternoon for replacement.
*Laundry drying in this heat.
*Talk with my mother.
*Rescheduled Lilian for next week.
*Turned on air conditioning for part of the day to combat triple digit heat. ;o)
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into the future. Why do summers always zip by so fast?
Enjoying my backyard ... a lot. Colorful plants and flowers, The Flying Pig gazebo, whimsical garden totems, gnomes, fairies, tomato plants and tomato thieves, a riot of pink flamingos. I've sure had fun creating and playing in the dirt this summer.
Enjoying the company of Teaberry the world's finest cocker spaniel. Enjoying the company of my gang ... my Mother and Suzy.
Enjoying the lowered level of stress and responsibilities.


Jul. 6th, 2012 05:29 pm
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Thank you to WC Fields for that inspirational heading.
Today I went to a real honest to goodness Barn Sale in Lakeside in support of the Riverpark Conservancy. What a lot of stuff. Did manage to buy some prizes for the prize box, a couple of copper colored aluminum measuring cups to match my ancient one, a handful of ceramics for the garden totem project, supplies for school mother's day gifts, a roll of chartreuse paper for a bulletin board, and a wire basket with wire hands attached which I will use for a work completion basket at school.

Also went to the world's creepiest jewelry/repair place, also in Lakeside. Filthy, cluttered, very odd people, crowded with scary old clocks and dries flower petals in an odd assortment of containers, as well as some dried-UP arrangements left sitting. Two out of three people inside had poor dental hygiene in the form of missing teeth. I got batteries for the two defunct Mickey Mouse watches and high-tailed it out of there.

At home I completed my first garden totem and placed it in the yard ... greens with a tiny teapot on top. I want to complete more but despite all the pieces I've collected I'm still missing some connecting pieces.
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Yesterday finished classroom closure duties at about 2pm. Lunch with Holly, then downtime. On my walk with Teaberry stopped to talk to seller of ancient (1990) Volvo wagon. My <3 forever belongs to that homely form of transportation. Discussed ins & out & details. Agreed to meet at Auto Tech @ 8am today to let my trusted mechanics look it over. They gave it their blessing if it passed a smog test. Of course it didn't ... probably why it had gone to auction to begin with.

Met Cathie for breakfast & pumpkin muffins at Country Comfort and a trip to our formerly favorite thrift store. I'll be saving $ this summer as under new proprietorship it has lost it's appeal. Reunion meeting tonight at Dave's. Should be interesting.

Must make some lists and a plan to help give structure to this lovely summer. Tomorrow the county fair to check on my mason jar exhibit. Then a major clear out here at home.


Jul. 19th, 2011 08:58 am
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Luckily we got in a walk before 9AM because it's way too hot to get out now. July weather!
I am pleased with progress on sewing-craft room. Bought boxes at Lowes yesterday to box up Suzy's detritus. She can go thru it when she's ready. Found Cynthia Rowley pillow sham to accent magenta Target bedcover. Have supplies for painting experimentation.

Young man at Lowes yesterday was exceedingly helpful in procuring and loading my new garden wagon. Now for the challenge of assembling it. Fingers crossed!

Trying not to think about school but schools/teachers seem to be one of the main topics in the news. Mostly negative. Crushing atmosphere to finish off my career.

Walked with Maryann last night (& Teaberry of course).

Wishing to get out a little today...
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So much of nothing is going on. It is lovely on the patio this morning so I sat outside and read the paper while Teaberry roamed, hunting for lizards. Still on my yard TO DO list is to repaint the bin of faded pink flamingos (the birds not the bin), buy a garden wagon to replace my beloved broken-down radio flyer wagon, use new wagon to relocate some heavy pots. Thinking about winding wisteria garlands around disintegrating gazebo to go with the pots of (fake) wisteria hanging there. I am able to have a continuous bouquet of mixed flowers, mostly pinks, on my table gathered from my backyard.
Front yard? Trying to keep lawn alive. Patriotic bunting still hanging over porch as well as festive patriotic wreath on porch.
I'm at a bit of a loss as email will not send. This has been ongoing for well over a week. Frustrating!

I'm obsessed with Mackenzie-Childs and have ordered their catalog. It is fun to plan and dream. Contemplating painting a faux M-C piece. May practice on a junky old dresser for my sewing room. (You know, the one I am trying to set up).

Missing my kids but ... oh well. Moodiness abounds and all I can do in response is to keep on keeping on.
Teaberry is a funny delight!
Found a Cuisinart ice cream maker for $9.99 at Goodwill ($9.00) after senior discount. Downloaded a user manual and "whipped up: a batch of Cherry Garcia ice cream. What shall I try next?
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Finally got to SD County fair yesterday. Enjoyed it a lot. Saw students gnome artwork (blue ribbon), my hobby exhibit (3rd place), sat in a lovely chair swing, ate BBQ beef and ice cream. DID NOT try deep fried Snickers or butter bacon or any other Heart Attack on a Plate foods. Enjoyed garden displays ... succulent fountains were popular this year. Didn't buy souvenirs ... just enjoyed. So much of nothing is going on. It's all in the details. Swing dance class tonight? Dog friends. Thrift store shopping. Sewing plans. Won quilt kit on ebay. Teaberry time. Happy days are here again.
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Lovely evening ... 8:42 and it's just getting dark. Hard to believe that next November it will be dark by 4ish. Two Teaberry walks today. The goofiest part came when he caught a big striped beetle (about 1") threw it from his mouth, barked and growled at it then repeated above. Reading a good book set near the Wind River reservation. Nothing like a good summer mystery. Worked in yard. Pumpkins are planted, new annuals and perennials set out, everything carefully watered. If the grass weren't half dead it would be gorgeous out there. I want to/will take photos.
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Memorial day weekend and Melissa and Eric are in town. Meeting for lunch and catching up on our lives. I am so lucky to have them in my life.
Also peering ahead at the summer to come. What will it bring? What shall I do? However will I survive the lack of work drama? How will the SD county fair be this year having my students entries to view and my own collection entry to prepare and organize. Will this be the summer I actually clear out things I no longer need? Will I find some lovely books to read? Will Teaberry and I make some lovely daytrips? Will I dance?
Endless possibilities await my choices!


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