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I did it. Yesterday I signed retirement paperwork at the district office. After June 21st I will be RETIRED from teaching elementary school.
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Grade level meeting with new Principal, work in classroom, shop for needed supplies, Teaberry trip to eye specialist, walks down to park for exercise & to see Maryann & Taffy, water enough to keep yard and plant specimans alive, laundry, Auto Tech for Volvo service, car wash, grab lunch, get ready for Lilian to clean, mail letters, cherish Teaberry, try to keep house cool, get ready, get ready, get ready for SCHOOL!
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Another Open House has come and gone. More robot creations along with videotaped presentations (thanks to Suzy and her technological assist). A repeat of the giant ladybugs on leaves decking the windows. Yet another batch of bound student writing portfolios. Gnome writing on the table. Rocks displayed and rock tumbler tumbling. Plenty of parents, students, and former students. Positive vibes freely flowing. Big sigh! Another milestone of the school year.


Aug. 3rd, 2009 07:51 am
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Hawaii in less than a week! School in 3 weeks, thus must prepare classroom before leaving this next Sunday. So much to do. Get Teaberry (food, supplies, paperwork) ready for boarding. Release anxiety about leaving him ... we haven't been apart since adopting him last November. Packing. Leaving things in good shape on the domestic front (cancel newspaper, mail, arrange for plant care, etc.) Worked in yard early this morning. The sun was ferociously bright and golden this morning so I was up by 6:30AM and got the trash out to the curb in plenty of time for pickup as well as filled the humongous green bin with yard cuttings. Feeling productive. Must go to AAA for Hawaii info, get cash, clean/put away for The Girls on Wednesday.

The school chores loom. Must wait to custodian to clean carpets before arranging desks, must procure more desks since class size is increasing from 20 to 25. ;o( Bulletin boards to do, curriculum to plan, & on & on & on. It always gets done.

Above all enjoy all that is to be enjoyed!
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I hardly do myself! This school year has been grueling thus far, for many reasons. New leadership, new policies & procedures, new students, of course. I've taken on more responsibilities than usual: Union rep, PAC rep, alt. school site council, weekly computer circles, weekend catch up days in the classroom. School seems to have taken over my life this year. Fatigue is setting in already. Oh, for a nice cool day at Disneyland with a congenial companion. Or even a nice cool day of putting my yard in order would suffice.
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This was a very difficult school year...but I have survived and somehow still have my sanity. It'll take a while to deprogram myself from the stresstrack and slide into the relaxation mode. Thank goodness for 2 month summers. It's hard to let go of being such an important part of these children's lives (and vice versa) and move on. They'll certainly remain in my thoughts for some time to come....


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