Aug. 17th, 2016 01:48 pm
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Retired teachers lunch yesterday ...4 have been retired since 2013 and one has newly retired. The conversation turned to teaching post 2013 and it was horrifying. No desks in classrooms now just low Japanese style tables and large exercise balls for chairs. Chromebook time mandated daily as well as sending them home for homework. At home they are often used without supervision and even "loaned" to older siblings. They are brought back to school with content inappropriate for young students. No PE is allowed before school only standing in classroom lines where, according to our new retiree, they fight. Superintendent visits unannounced, videotapes whatever lesson is going on and posts these lessons to district websites. And more. I am so glad to be free of the whims of the BIG IDEAS currently being unleashed. I am sorry for the current batch of students.
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It's funny how things are funny. I feel like when I was working (before retirement) I had no sense of humor. Sure students told goofy jokes and laughter in the face of The Crumbling of Sanity in Education was how we kept our sanity. But seriously, there was not much fun or sense of humor within me. It was so dreary and bleak that I'm not even sure I smiled much. (If the yearly classroom photos are any measure then my smiles were forced and hilarity a rare commodity.) It was survival and maintenance alone. I felt burdened & without hope.

Now there is so much in life that delights me. Smiles burst upon my face as I connect with others and enjoy. I am pleased to meet & greet others on our daily walks. I am thrilled to be seeing and enjoying the sites in my neck of the words. I grin when a certain cocker spaniel slowly awakens to begin his day. I am delighted that I have a new male friend to talk to and spend time with. I enjoy spending time with my mother and helping with what I can. Even the relatives please rather than annoy me. I cherish my time in the garden and am loving being a part of the Water Conservation Garden.. I love having time to myself just to BE. I am happy so I am finding expressing happiness (whether through lame puns, body language, facial expression, words) just to be so natural.

I feel blessed to have this newfound freedom to love life!
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I've been having such fun lately. Have begun my docent training at Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden. I'm feeling passionate about this. Choices awaiting me are: succulents, butterfly garden, topiary, Dirty Docents & on & on.
Holly's retirement tea was a huge success! All 16 invitees came. Due to our diligent organization & planning it went off without any major hitches.
Keep working on home clear out & organization.
Planting like a crazy person. 6 nursery visits this week and MANY bags of moisture control potting mix purchased.
Friendships galore! Ninjas, Cathie, Jim, Linda, Colleen, Dana, Maryann, Don, Jackie & new friends at the WCG.
Teaberry walks! LOOOOOOOng one today (kind of on accident) past both parks.

And time just for me!
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but when you are retired it's just another day. Haven't actually accomplished much today. Oh you know, I've done laundry, fed the two of us, watered, sat in the gazebo & watched Teaberry, plugged in Sawsall for tomorrow, talked on the phone & made an appointment with a landscaping/sprinkler person, loaded new dishwasher, had a nap, sorted & cleared out two dresser drawers, played around on the internet but nothing really SHOWS.
I am going to document a few things I plan to do soon. This is by way of a committement.
*Saw rapidly growing front bushes
*Make a garden totem or two
*Call Connie & go visit or take her out of her house for a while
*Plant two packs of stonecrop
*Return Netflix
*Clear garage around sprinkler timer
*Visit with family

I can come up with plenty more but that's a start.
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I did it. Yesterday I signed retirement paperwork at the district office. After June 21st I will be RETIRED from teaching elementary school.


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