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Oh the possibilities! Will I enjoy the year even more than 2014? Will I stick to my eat healthier resolution? (Have I already had a tiny slice of chocolate cake after my whole wheat toast?) What new adventures will the Ninjas engineer? Will Jim & I finally watch all of Monty Python & the Holy Grail? Will I ever shower & get out of my flannel flamingo PJs? Only time will tell.

Spent yesterday with friend, Cathie, driving to San Juan Capistrano in the drizzle to lunch at our favorite eating, socializing, friendship restaurant: The Teahouse on Los Rios. The food was perfect: heart-shaped scones with jam & clotted cream, fruit bowl with brown sugar, tiny sandwiches of deviled ham, egg salad, cucumber, pumpkin nut bread, vegetable soup, & chocolate cake (which we were too full to eat but brought home). We then wandered through a few tiny shops & listened to trains at the nearby train stop. Lovely day & traffic was not too bad.

Last night was fairly low key. Chinese food at Mandarin Chef & back home to watch parts of different movies including The Blues Brothers, which never fails to entertain. Jim left after 1:00AM. Not much noise in the neighborhood at midnight.

Today? Car show at San Diego Convention Center?? Definitely making Hopping John in order to get my quota of black-eyed-peas.
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my new year's plan is to do at least one thing a day to make the world a better place. Let's see where this leads.

Today is beautiful outside. I plan to walk Teaberry, plant cyclamen in pots on front porch, fertilize and replant sections of lawn, make hopping John, finish my Margaret Coel mystery, cut back rose bushes, pay bills and update checkbook, and share a meal with my mother here at my home. Happy 2011 to all!
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Happy New Year. Yes, I made and consumed Hopping John on New Year's Day. I have not yet pruned the rosebushes. (Today is not looking good for that either due to the stormy weather). It will get done. I have not and probably will not make formal resolutions. I am working toward becoming more organized and keeping on top of things. I organized my 2007 tax file last night...earliest ever. I continue to purge an area here and there: filing cabinet, coat closet, etc. Trying to acheive peace in the homespace. Thinking about my classroom and being more organized, less bogged down there as well. That is it. We'll see what the new year has to offer and deal with it in a competent, proactive way. Simplify, simplify, simplify.


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