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* Family has come and gone. My mother turned 94 AND passed her driver's test. Several restaurants were visited. No birthday cake. Instead homemade peach cobbler and chocolate pie.

*I gave two formal garden presentations. One was at the garden docent meeting. Clayton's power point didn't work so I had only the design map for illustration. The other was a small group of docent trainees. The power point that Jim helped me with played beautifully. I don't enjoy public speaking but they both went well.

* I have been out of sorts. Backache, not going to gym, not so good test results. Eating too much chocolate. Must avoid cholesterol and sugar. What to do about osteoporosis? TRUMP! Heat is doing me in but so tired of air conditioning.

* Teaberry is having issues. A couple of new incidents of legs shaking and difficulty getting around. They only lasted a couple of minutes BUT something is wrong with my boy. Saw vet on Friday and have neurology appt. for next Monday. Anticipating $4000 MRI.

* Heard from Suzy as her tuition is due. Saw Michael but didn't really get to talk to him.

* Looking at old 8mm film to see if it should be converted.

* The owls are gone. No idea what happened. Neighbor complaints even though I went out of my way to appease (cookies, children's book, photo's for kids, offer to buy earplugs).

*Just sad.

That's it in a nutshell.
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It's unbelievable how fast the year 2015 is speeding by. Current events in my life include: Docent Appreciation dinner at the Water Conservation Garden, outing with Ninjas to Pt. Loma Seafood and lighthouse, working on drip irrigation for my landscaping with Jim. Additionally, entertainment venues such as Harry Nillson retrospective at The Rep, Motown tribute next Thursday at Civic Center, the usual suspects' birthday dinners ( Maressa & Rob), Memorial Day BBQ here with family, volunteer gig at Santee Library for Star Wars Day (with much battling of pool noodle "light sabers", and dinner & errands with Cathie. At The Garden we are in planning stages of Mexican themed container garden area with wall painting coming up next. Jim & I have begun a schedule of 3 day a week early morning walking (7AM) and have successfully completed one week. This should help with the sneaky depression that has been trying to slow me down. We still walk TB when he feels like it. Still Tuesday night dinner at Mom's with Suzy & both dogs. Still jitterbug lessons although I'm not really enjoying them and would rather JUST GO DANCING. School will be out soon with at least 4 Meridian retirements. I continue to feel exhausted too much of the time.
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Have been doing so much around the south 40: replanting pots, painting pots, butterfly garden fence, Weeping China Doll rose planted, La Jolla bouganvilla planted and staked, hanging pots, succulents, propagating succulents, impatiens, weeding, watering, repositioning, and so much more. I am loving it!

Applied to maybe get an interview for a possible spot in the January Master Gardening class. Not real hopeful due to so many applicants (more than 200) and so few spots (47) ... but pleased with myself for trying.

Mom is 91. Celebrated with Chinese food at Mandarin Chef where they sang happy birthday and presented her with a candlelit orange "cake". Yesterday continued the celebration with a trip to Balboa Park to view the IMAX movie "Flight of the Butterflies" about Monarch butterflies. We also walked next door to Zoro Garden (former nudist colony) which is now a butterfly garden. Lunch at Chicken Pie Shop. When I dropped my mother off at home she sent me away with about five monarch caterpillars to place on my own milkweed plants!

The Ninja Choppers group is continuing to do fun things weekly. Last week it was a shopping trip to Poway to Steinmart and Homegoods with lunch a at a "pub" as a finale. So much fun to explore and enjoy.

Teaberry continues to thrive. He is Lizard Obsessed. I truly believe that Cocker Spaniels are the very best dogs ever. He brings so much to enrich my life.


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