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Just registered for the Susan G Komen 5K in Balboa Park. This will be my 5th year of participation. Motivated by hanging out with daughter Suzy and Jim (his wife had breast cancer). It will be up early due to November time change.

I worked with Clayton yesterday morning in The Garden figuring out the pathway and adjusting plant placement and more. He asked for my input/approval on all changes. I told him that ultimately it is his garden. He asked if I really felt that and I had to admit that since the design is mostly mine and since I have spent a multitude of hours there figuring things out, doing physical labor as well as making up a timeline of what needs to be done, when, & by whom I really do feel some ownership. I said it must be Our Garden.

TB is doing better. Since the vet took him off the medication that was making him so sick it has been much easier to get the other med down him. No "episodes" but I am hyper-aware that sometimes his legs are unsteady.

House is clean. Lillian came yesterday and my aim is to keep it fairly neat, tidy, & clean for at least a few days. As I look around I see so much that I need to do to improve my space: paint, carpet, flooring, new kitchen lighting, and of course new hardscape so I can complete the back yard.

The Garden Gala was very fun. I loved dressing up and having a real dance floor where we could try out our swing dancing and night club 2-step.

Jim is almost done with his 3 year project of remodeling his son's home. He is quite the renaissance man. It is amazing!

At night I hear an owl/owls in the back yard. They are looking for the owl box. Our aim is to get it up in it's new location this week.

Halloween is coming up. I toyed with the idea of turning out lights and ignoring it. It drives Teaberry crazy to have the doorbell ring and have weird strangers at the door. Ultimately I was horrified by this plan knowing how much I enjoyed Halloween as a kid.

That's all I've got.


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