Jul. 6th, 2012 05:29 pm
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Thank you to WC Fields for that inspirational heading.
Today I went to a real honest to goodness Barn Sale in Lakeside in support of the Riverpark Conservancy. What a lot of stuff. Did manage to buy some prizes for the prize box, a couple of copper colored aluminum measuring cups to match my ancient one, a handful of ceramics for the garden totem project, supplies for school mother's day gifts, a roll of chartreuse paper for a bulletin board, and a wire basket with wire hands attached which I will use for a work completion basket at school.

Also went to the world's creepiest jewelry/repair place, also in Lakeside. Filthy, cluttered, very odd people, crowded with scary old clocks and dries flower petals in an odd assortment of containers, as well as some dried-UP arrangements left sitting. Two out of three people inside had poor dental hygiene in the form of missing teeth. I got batteries for the two defunct Mickey Mouse watches and high-tailed it out of there.

At home I completed my first garden totem and placed it in the yard ... greens with a tiny teapot on top. I want to complete more but despite all the pieces I've collected I'm still missing some connecting pieces.
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So, the fourth has rather unobtrusively come and gone. Nothing much to say about it really. I am off today to pick up my mason jar exhibit from the Del Mar Fair. I am hoping this will be less chaotic than last year. Then, what to do with all those jars? In fact, what to do with all the clutter and excess STUFF lurking in my home. Haven't been able or motivated to tackle it yet. However, with guests soon to arrive that should be all the motivation I need.

This is the summer of the ceramic garden totem. I have been collecting bits and pieces to assemble a few. That part has been fun ... but now my dining room is awash in unglued ceramics. Will today be the day I put together my first?


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