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In parched so.cal rain is such a novelty and blessing. It is now pouring and despite my coughing I am feeling pretty darn good. Just before the rain I worked in the yard a bit. Attacked some small weeds before they become BIG weeds. Moved a penstemon plant to make room for the watsonia I hope to plant ASAP. After going in and out I have many pairs of dirty gardening crocs and clogs lined up outside the patio door. I then scaled the boxes and junk in the garage to pull out a few holiday things. I plan to vacuum (even though Lillian cleaned on Monday) and do what little holiday placement of my Mickey Mouse Christmas themed decorations will bring me joy. Beyond that ... meh.

I have all the various plaid bias strips cut and ready to sew to bind Susannah's running bib quilt. Next I'll get busy designing my new plaid ballgown for the Night in Vienna ball. We've started review Viennese waltz dance lessons.

I am feeling better. Not as depressed, I think. I finally figured out why my thumb aches so much. It is from pruning the Mickey topiary a couple of days ago. Duh! Now if the cough will just go away. I feel some of my energy returning.
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Yeah, things could be much worse. Testing is OVER, the year is winding down. Finally we are allowed to do some fun things, including but not solely art. Monarch butterflies, both hatching in class as well as creating with construction & tissue paper. Our gnome collage artwork is in full swing. I am reading aloud, "How tho Eat Fried Worms". We are doing FUN math ... multiplication tables, calculator math, pie charts. Reader's Theater sheets are prepped & ready to go. Field trip to the zoo is this coming Friday. Getting writing ready to go for Open House. Talking about Inventions, Robotics, and other fun stuff. We can do this. One more scoop of beans in the jar to go!


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