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Why are family interactions so hard for me? This past weekend of houseguests was better than some ... but I feel like the wind has been knocked out of my sails. There are no smooth interactions. I just feel the need to protect myself. Can't really define or explain. It just is. I am so out of sync.
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into the future. Why do summers always zip by so fast?
Enjoying my backyard ... a lot. Colorful plants and flowers, The Flying Pig gazebo, whimsical garden totems, gnomes, fairies, tomato plants and tomato thieves, a riot of pink flamingos. I've sure had fun creating and playing in the dirt this summer.
Enjoying the company of Teaberry the world's finest cocker spaniel. Enjoying the company of my gang ... my Mother and Suzy.
Enjoying the lowered level of stress and responsibilities.
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Memorial day weekend and Melissa and Eric are in town. Meeting for lunch and catching up on our lives. I am so lucky to have them in my life.
Also peering ahead at the summer to come. What will it bring? What shall I do? However will I survive the lack of work drama? How will the SD county fair be this year having my students entries to view and my own collection entry to prepare and organize. Will this be the summer I actually clear out things I no longer need? Will I find some lovely books to read? Will Teaberry and I make some lovely daytrips? Will I dance?
Endless possibilities await my choices!
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This was a lovely Mother's Day weekend. I got to spend time with both my mother and daughter as well as The Doggy Boy. Much chatting and lunch at Savanna Grill on Saturday while the Dog Boys reluctantly hung out together. Today Bagel Towne with Suz, a little shopping, groceries, more fun socializing with the dogs, prepared dinner together (zucchini pizza and pasta with berry muffins for tomorrow), chocolate munching ... it was bliss.
Except for the bird that TB captured ... that's a whole other story.


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