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In parched so.cal rain is such a novelty and blessing. It is now pouring and despite my coughing I am feeling pretty darn good. Just before the rain I worked in the yard a bit. Attacked some small weeds before they become BIG weeds. Moved a penstemon plant to make room for the watsonia I hope to plant ASAP. After going in and out I have many pairs of dirty gardening crocs and clogs lined up outside the patio door. I then scaled the boxes and junk in the garage to pull out a few holiday things. I plan to vacuum (even though Lillian cleaned on Monday) and do what little holiday placement of my Mickey Mouse Christmas themed decorations will bring me joy. Beyond that ... meh.

I have all the various plaid bias strips cut and ready to sew to bind Susannah's running bib quilt. Next I'll get busy designing my new plaid ballgown for the Night in Vienna ball. We've started review Viennese waltz dance lessons.

I am feeling better. Not as depressed, I think. I finally figured out why my thumb aches so much. It is from pruning the Mickey topiary a couple of days ago. Duh! Now if the cough will just go away. I feel some of my energy returning.
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Title came to me while watching Teaberry chew a rope toy to pieces. Hunting season has begun for T. He checks out every gopher hole we pass on our many walks. Yesterday he stuck his nose in some plants and pulled out a ...RAT!!!! Ugh! Quick, brush the dog's teeth!

In other breaking news I am on our two week spring break. It just didn't come too soon. Things are just so stressful globally and in my little corner of the world. One week after we return we have to administer THE TEST.

Put together the guest room yesterday. New bed, bedding, linens and such. It looks very inviting and friendly. Pottery Barn red print duvet and shams perfectly set off the creamy painted bed and walls. May refresh walls with semi-gloss paint. We'll see.

So no real plans for break ... just rejuvenation and we'll see what presents. Soul mending is always welcomed here.
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Just had to use a nonsensical title for this entry. I have nothing to say about the first two ... but I must brag ...this is the 3rd time my wedding orchid has re-bloomed. The secret seems to be to just let it sit by the west-facing kitchen window, water occasionally and just let it alone. Voila! elegant beauty.

In other breaking news got a tour of Suzy's new apartment yesterday. Thumbs up! Purchased a full size bed for what will soon be the downstairs guest room. Will have the room cleared and ready by next Saturday between 8 and 12 am. Kind of excited by that. Ordered red toile-ish Pottery Barn duvet and shams on ebay. Decorating possibilities. I forget how much I enjoy that. I may be moving things about in my home checking out some different ideas.

One more week, 5 long days, until spring break. Woo hoo!


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