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about rapidly approaching Christmas, getting ready for rapidly approaching Christmas, expectations for r.a.c. (mostly self-imposed), and a bit of the December blahs as well. I have tried hard to simplify this year. Although I "decorated" little this year (no full-sized tree) I did deck out a small metal tree and my seasonal living room tree branch. I dragged out the 2ft. tall animated Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the hearth, placed two poinsettias near the front door and began putting up white twinkle lights and twinkling snowflakes. Oh and the tiny handmade gnomes and Santa sit on my approximation of a mantel. That's it! The huge plastic tubs of holiday stuff sit untouched this year. I did decline three holiday parties and attended one (closest friends). I am hosting a holiday brunch on Sunday mostly for family but I'd have to check the refrigerator to tell exactly what I am serving. I usually have lists and timetables prepared. I also deal with the fact that much of my family doesn't bother to let me know if they are coming. This year I did not ask for an RSVP so I will not be disappointed. What happens will be just fine. Gifts ... I detest holiday shopping. It mostly feels obligatory these days. I don't enjoy buying and giving STUFF (just because) that others don't want or need. Likely this is because I am in the process of divesting myself of much un-needed detritus in my own life. Lacking grandchildren to buy presents for I am gifting the young adults with token gifts and some $$ to use as they wish.

I have discussed all of this with the significant people in my life. Others echo the sentiment so I may be in the minority but know I am not alone in striving to simplify.

So today will be spent doing a little baking and taking care of a few items lurking on my procrastination list. :o)
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Getting ready for Christmas. I am actually going to host brunch at my home on Thursday with a few available local relatives & a couple of non-related revelers. Put up a few more festive things in my home than I normally do: my actual decorated Christmas tree, large animated Mickey & Minnie on hearth along with tiny m & m mouse tree, new framed sign (If You Stop Believing in Santa You Get Underwear), crochet snowflake tree branch, tall metal silver & gold tree with icicles & snowflakes, animated m mouse toys I have been gifted over the years, and twinkly white lights & snowflakes outside. I had done little in the way of festivity over the last few years so this is unusual. Tonight progressive dinner Part 3 held at Jim's house. I'm on overload with holiday Hallmark movies. Why do I keep recording them?

I am so not good at the gift-giving thing. It is always fraught with anxiety.

My current obsession is designing & scouting for fabric (plaid taffeta) for a Regency (Jane Austin) dress to wear to Night in Vienna at the end of January. Taffeta has been elusive but today I just bid on & won 6+ yards on eBay. Excited to see if it is actually suitable when it arrives. If not, back on eBay it goes.

Doing some baking. Fruitcake, first time ever. (I don't actually like it but a couple of people in my life do ... so why not? A few kinds of cookies and that's about it.

Sister & brother-in-law are coming to visit at the end of January from Portland. That's always interesting.

Teaberry's cataracts have not worsened in the 6 years I've been taking him to eye specialist. For this I am grateful.
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My earliest memory of Christmas decoration at home includes the following:

* Plastic stockings (made by Mom) hung from the corner of dining chairs placed in the living room. At some point we each wrote our names in pencil on a slip of paper and taped them to the stockings. This became a tradition. Each year we would add a new version done in our current handwriting. These exist today as perfect maps of our handwriting development.
* Tiny glass bells given to me by Grandma Annie. These were mine, and mine alone to place on the tree.
* Tinsel, lots of it carefully placed on the tree.
* Plastic or unbreakable ornaments placed near the bottom of the tree to discourage climbing cats who sometimes toppled the tree.
* Country Christmas display in Family Circle magazine acquired at Betty's in San Angelo, TX. Calico pieced wreath, fabric ornaments and bows.
* Early marriage...red and white gingham ornaments and bows. Monterrey pine trees grown by Pop.
* Collected ornaments from trips. Chirping bird ball from New Orleans. Tiny furry mouse with telephone. Handmade decorations. Sunbonnet Sue fairies. Clothespin wooden soldiers. Grandma Annie's crocheted and starched snowflakes. Patchwork, smocked, hand carved delights.
* As a single parent switched to Mickey Mouse genre ornaments..continues to this day.


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