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A Shakespeare play that I had never seen or heard of at the Old Globe Theater tonight. I think it was pretty funny but it took a while for me to catch on to what was happening. I was so tired that I caught myself drifting off. What an uncomfortable feeling. Balboa Park was crowded, oh so crowded. Many events going on so it was difficult to park. Jim finally let me out to get in line at Cafe 66 to order food (we were hoping they'd not yet run out of peach cobbler.) By the time I reached the front of the line it was an hour delay to actually get food so we didn't. We ended up at the concession stand outside the Old Globe for a quick snack meal. Lovely people watching.
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Friday night a whole cadre of food trucks parked inside beautiful Balboa Park. We perused them all but settled on Thai food. I had pad see ew with Thai iced tea and Jim tried Drunken noodles with Iced coffee. It was my first food truck experience and it was a good one.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to the art museum in Balboa Park to view the Quilts and Color exhibit. Gorgeous old quilts, mostly pre 1900, mostly from Pennsylvania (with the exception of a stunning Baltimore quilt). I find that my current favorites are the simple Amish ones, done with large pieces and dark but bold colors. The exhibit leaves next weekend so I was so glad to be able to make a second visit.

Today is housecleaning day (Lillian Day). My hard work of picking up and organizing is done and the rest is in her capable hands. So grateful to have her.


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