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My workhorse Mac has been slowing down of late. Each time I tried to do something interesting I kept getting these messages: You can't do that unless you update the current version of (Acrobat, Firefox,etc). Since Mac has reached the advanced age of 10(years)... she just hasn't been able to learn these new tricks. A week ago after visiting the Apple store with my consultant I placed an order for a dazzling new iMac. I waited nearly a week for it to arrive to my specifications. Meanwhile, Mac, sensing it's imminent displacement began to act out. First, I noticed that in my outgoing emails the letter e had disappeared. Next, went c's, 3's and more. Then ALL of my Firefox bookmarks vanished. When I tried to check my online banking status I was unable to log in. Then on Friday morning while waiting for UPS I logged onto Mac. As I shut her down I thought to myself... this may be the last time I'll ever use her. Several hours later, still waiting for UPS, I tried to get back onto Mac and lo and behold...she wouldn't even turn on!!! Did I subconsciously know she was drifting off to the great recycling bin in the sky? Or did I hurt her feelings by transferring my loyalties? I have my theory.
Well, iMac is here and I am loving her. She's so fresh, crisp, new, and eager to tackle anything. I hope we have as long and happy relationship as Mac and I did.
In closing, my thoughts are with Mac, filled with appreciation with all the places we have gone together and all the life joys and trials we have shared. Well, done Mac!


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