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Wish that were just a random title but it is my actual true account of the day thus far. :o(
Worked in Container Area and Sensory Area at the WCG. Stopped at little mall but did not run in to Rite Aid for an ice cream cone. Instead came home for a refreshing glass of iced tea, no not the swate kind, just plain. Now need to cool down and rest up for tonights' Jitterbug performance at the Linda Vista Farmers' Market (yes outdoors on the hot black asphalt). This was not my idea!
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after a three week hiatus. Actually I went both Monday and Wednesday. I have some aching muscles but it felt good. I think it is helping with some of the current stresses in my life. Also when I don't go I feel disgusted with myself and wonder why the sabotage. So I'm going to say that I am getting back on track.

It has been so hot here that I haven't wanted to do much. After the Y I stopped in at AAA to check on my homeowners insurance policy. After that I went to see Joni about a hair update. She had someone ahead of me so I stopped in Target and from the Starbucks counter obtained a black iced tea and a slice of Lemon Loaf. After eating the Lemon Loaf I checked on the WW site and was shocked that I had just eaten 20 of the 28 points I am meant to eat in a day. Ugh! Back to see Joni for color and cut. Don't like the color much ... I asked for lighter and got a sort of light grayish tone. Oh well! Then to Albertson's for groceries and hurry home because my car temp. was 105 degrees and I had gotten some frozen items. Sorted through wardrobe this afternoon to try and find something appropriate for our jitterbug "peformance" tomorrow. If it is this hot I know that I will not enjoy dancing in a hot parking lot at 4:30 tomorrow. But at least I have a haircut ... and newly greyed hair. I am so funny! Ha!
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I am 66 years old ... soon to be 67. Have I been sleeping for the last 66 years? I've never been a political activist despite being in attendance at various on-campus protest rallies during the 1960s, despite being a union rep for much of my teaching career, despite quitting a job in the early 70's upon learning that a male without my education was being paid far more than I was, despite caring and supporting many local issues, despite always casting my vote. Where has all this racism and hatred come from? This denial that immigration has strengthened and enriched our country? This viciousness and incivility? I am feeling gob-smacked. I can hardly write about this.............
I need to stop watching the RNC. It may make me into a hater of haters.


Jun. 20th, 2016 04:32 pm
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Today was the day to meet with the horticultural director of The Garden with 2 sets of plans in hand, a storyboard of the current garden layout, a key to every item on the blueprint, and a folder stuffed full of plant ideas and documentation (including two dictionary definitions of an architectural folly). I was rather nervous about the whole thing as I have been struggling to complete this for weeks. HE LIKED ... NO LOVED IT! He made a few changes on the blueprint and is going to put it into his CAD program to update before presenting it to the director and board...BUT by Golly I Actually Did It! I am elated.

In other news it is so horribly hot here and my air conditioning WILL NOT TURN ON. I found a company that will actually come (I hope) tomorrow between 3 and 5pm to check it out. Crossing fingers for a simple repair but not convinced. The dog and I will somehow survive another 90 degree night and 100 degree day tomorrow. When he looks done in I learned to wash his feet in cool water and that seems to help.


Jun. 15th, 2016 07:45 pm
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There are all kinds of awards out there available for the littlest of achievements. How about one for an adult who has managed to survive a very difficult, stupid day.


Jun. 2nd, 2016 03:16 pm
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I need to fill in my mail-in ballot ASAP. Election day in CA is Tuesday and I need to speak my piece. It has been with horror that I have viewed the election drama his year. A situation and a person presents that just are unfathomable. Never in my lifetime would I have believed a man such as TRUMP could be so near to the White House. The misogeny, rascism, and narscissum are beyond belief. That is all.
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I am thoroughly enmeshed in planning the redesign of the formal garden area of the WCG. Often, I feel like I'm in over my head. I know what I like but there is so much to like ...how to figure out what will work is the dilemma. I have tried to engage the rest of the team in planning but for various reasons they are not available (leaving for summer, husband ill, caring for elderly parent, can't take on another thing, weekend away, all appropriate reasons.) BUT the responsibility is weighing heavily on me. I'm trying to figure out the scale, how to use the tools on the blueprint, consider budget, plant availability & more. I'm dreaming/nightmaring artistic trauma if there is such a thing. The most immediate portion is the succulent parterre since it is the first to be implemented. On Sunday Jim & I drove up to Corona del Mar to see the succulent area at Sherman Gardens. It was inspirational! It opened my eyes to doing things a little differently than I had first imagined. It also brought my anxiety to the forefront. Can I do this? Will succulents be accepted by those who see this area the old (boring) way. Will I be humiliated by my attempts? Who will be around to help? Ugh!
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Just wanted to document my second attempt at painting a Talavera style pot.
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I trimmed topiaries this morning at The Garden. Discussion with formal garden area team members. Then I shopped for and found a lovely birthday gift for M at The Garden gift shop. Next a trip to the credit union for an influx of cash to replenish my empty wallet. Welcomed home by a good dog. Lunch of leftover spaghetti was devoured. Outside time with the lovely dog (he came in first). Tried to nap to catch up on the sleep missed last night. Good dog alerted me to car noises outside so we went out to check. Jim is coming tonight to finish his work in my garage (mud application, not paint).

Doesn't sound like much but I count it as a very good day.
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but they are good ones derived through working in The Garden, my own garden, and pushing it exercising at the Y. So, I will survive, The Garden and my landscaping are showing improvement, and I'm proud of sticking to my Y routine. Tonight I will work out the kinks in Night Club Two Step class.

Wishing for more rain. Only 1/3 full in my rain barrel.
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When I was little (back in the dark ages) my mother sewed all the clothing for herself as well as my sister and I. She sewed shirts for my brothers, pj's for my dad and all manner of household items (curtains and draperies, etc.)..She learned to sew growing up and ended up getting a Home Economics degree in Tennessee. She worked for a while as a Home Advisor before marrying and migrating to California. Anyway when I came along sewing was an integral part of our household. My mother had/has an old Singer treadle sewing machine updated with a motor during early postwar days. I started out helping her pin patterns, moved on to sewing threadless over paper designs to learn to operate the machine. At nine years old I made my first dress. Looking back it was not an easy design: skirt gathered onto a bodice, zipper and a rolled collar. After that there was no stopping me. (My mother was a 4-H sewing leader and also taught probably 75 girls to sew over the years.) I had wonderful clothes in high school. I'd buy Vogue patterns and beautiful fabrics and my clothes were stylish and unique. I became interested in quilting because my grandmother was a quilter and had many lovely quilts. She also had lots of old quilt tops made of depression era feed sacks. I got books and experimented. I made three large one-patch bedcover quilts (one for my then fiance.) I obtained books on old quilt patterns and became fascinated with old patterns and their origins. I found adult ed classes. I made baby and toddler clothes for my children. I used patchwork, English smocking, and French hand sewing. I continued to sew for myself ... simple mom clothes and a few work outfits. When I finally went back to work full-time I promised myself I'd get back to sewing "when I had time". Single parenting and working doesn't leave much time. Now I have time but not the inclination. My eyesight is poor. Patterns cost more than a store bought item. Good fabric is hard to get here and extremely expensive. It's hard to thread a needle even with a needle threader. So many excuses. It took me 6 mos. just to bind Susannah's running bib quilt with bias mixed plaid binding. The truth is ... I am probably done sewing. I passed on my old faithful sewing machine to my daughter who loves to sew but has very little time between work and school. My unfinished quilts and projects languish. Here are just a few of my earlier projucts.

Rainy day

Apr. 7th, 2016 11:26 am
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So lovely! Woke to damp ground and drizzle but things have escalated to real rain. Thirsty ground is just slurping down the rain. We get this so seldom that it is just a joy! No Tri-team today so out I am going to tackle the garage. Jim has begun installing more/better lighting in the garage so I am hoping to clear out a little to make more working room to get the job done. That and dance class tonight is all that I have on the agenda for today. Tomorrow early I take Jim for MRI.


Apr. 5th, 2016 02:28 pm
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Excitement mounts! I have just been named Team Leader of the the formal garden group at the Water Conservation Garden. I have been researching and sketching ideas for the parterre section of the formal garden. I was not sure that Clayton (horticultural director) would approve of using succulents to form the parterre or ground pattern ... but he did. When he asked if I would be team leader I was so thrilled. I have been collecting parterre ideas since the '80s in hopes of some day creating one. I'm like-a-little-kid excited. Just the challenge I need in my life right now. :o)
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I have to admit that my favorite place to be is my home. No, I'm not agoraphobic ... Just love my home. I have lived here for 31 years after having come to visit every Sunday to view the progress in the process of its' building. The last 28 years I have been the sole owner (except the mortgage company.) It is totally reflective of who I am and my circumstances. The furnishings, carpet, tile, draperies, artwork, handcrafted items displayed, and pet invited to join me are all decisions that I have made. I am comfortable here in a way that I have never been elsewhere. I look out the airy windows to my backyard and see garden color and shapes that I have designed. It is reflective of how I choose to spend my time. I am unapologetic of my choices. Sure it is not "done", there are so many Ideas I want to try, changes and upgrades I want to do ... but it makes me happy. I enjoy the neighborhood, the proximity to parks and services. I am content for now. The day will come when I need to downsize but for now I am happy in my nest.

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I belong to a local garden club as well as being a docent at The Water Conservation Garden in my area. Both venues are a fount of ideas not to mention providing a plethora of shared plant cuttings. Our last garden club meeting was held at a members' new home which (since no lawns were allowed) featured native landscaping. Some were natives that came back after the home was built and others were selected to suit the grounds. Many of the smaller plants came from cuttings. Our speaker for the morning was Connie Beck, a local horticulture teacher, garden club member, and a very humorous, engaging lecturer. She demonstrated ways to propagate different kinds of plants. We then were encouraged to take cuttings that we could propagate at home. So much fun. I came right home and got to work. We'll see how they progress (or not).

Next, one of my garden teams was working in the sensory garden. We trimmed back several plants and I brought home cuttings to add to my collection. I eagerly watch to verify that they are alive and growing.

In other garden news I experimented with growing moss. I am hoping to grow moss successfully at home and then try it on the cement angels in the formal garden area of the WCG. Unfortunately, my black cocker, Teaberry, decided that he liked the taste of the buttermilk in the mix and licked and scratched most of it off. Looks like I'll be making another batch.

Finally the WCG had our first ever tour of 5 gardens owned by docents. It was wonderful. So many good ideas and the organization and implementation of the tour worked like well-oiled machinery. So many compliments from the public. It was fun to talk with people who are striving to use more drought tolerant plantings.
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In parched so.cal rain is such a novelty and blessing. It is now pouring and despite my coughing I am feeling pretty darn good. Just before the rain I worked in the yard a bit. Attacked some small weeds before they become BIG weeds. Moved a penstemon plant to make room for the watsonia I hope to plant ASAP. After going in and out I have many pairs of dirty gardening crocs and clogs lined up outside the patio door. I then scaled the boxes and junk in the garage to pull out a few holiday things. I plan to vacuum (even though Lillian cleaned on Monday) and do what little holiday placement of my Mickey Mouse Christmas themed decorations will bring me joy. Beyond that ... meh.

I have all the various plaid bias strips cut and ready to sew to bind Susannah's running bib quilt. Next I'll get busy designing my new plaid ballgown for the Night in Vienna ball. We've started review Viennese waltz dance lessons.

I am feeling better. Not as depressed, I think. I finally figured out why my thumb aches so much. It is from pruning the Mickey topiary a couple of days ago. Duh! Now if the cough will just go away. I feel some of my energy returning.
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As a child I loved December and all the Christmas splendor: singing carols, decorating cookies, Santa, The Tree, colorful lights, presents, the Big Star atop Rattlesnake Mountain, ALL of it. This year not so much. I am shuffling along under a dark cloud with little joy out of this hectic schedule of wonderful events that are supposed to enrich this month. Already I have attended a holiday party (50+ people eating rich food, drinking, conversing all the while watching 2 football games on TV), Christmas on the Prado in Balboa Park (name changed to December Nights), a production of The Grinch in San Diego's Old Globe Theater, and there is more to come. Garden docent party/gift exchange on Wednesday night. Have listened to negotiations among people in my circle of friends over who goes where on Christmas Eve and day. I have been asked several times for my "gift list". I have no gift list. I don't need a thing! I have no clue to what I could buy for certain others that might bring joy rather than become a burden. I feel as though I have become The Grinch myself. I can't even tell others when they ask the truth about the holiday season. I just mumble platitudes and move on. But the truth is I'm struggling this year.
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Yesterday I had my endoscopy. It was not fun, I was pretty stressed, but I survived and know slightly more about my esophagus.

Drama on the Tri-team at the Water Conservation Garden. Rosalie is trying to rule us all with an iron fist. Might not work this time. Worked with Dirty Docents today clearing old plants from the formal garden. New soil is going into the empty trenches. I'm excited about the possibility of a parterre and succulent topiary.

I paid off the mortgage. Finally. Who knew how good it would feel. My dad would be so proud.

Jim and I celebrated two years of happily hanging out together on November 13th.

Michael and Danielle are coming for Thanksgiving this year. After many years of their absence this just feels good!

I got another rejection letter from the San Diego Master Gardeners group. Disappointed but also relieved.
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Had my Master Gardener interview last Monday. Not too confident about the outcome. 90 interviews but 48 positions. I really don't think I'll be disappointed if I am not selected. I like the idea of more involvement in the redesign of the formal area at the Water Conservation Garden.

Health issues still ongoing. Shoes for plantar fasciitis are helping but still not always comfortable. Dancing is often a pain! Swallow test on Wednesday. Met with rheumatologist and had more bloodwork. Stats look better. Prior spikes likely due to infection.

Dinner with mother and daughter tomorrow. Think I'll drag out the crockpot.

Bake sale was successful yesterday during the Plantstravaganza.

Saw Ninjas on Thursday for lunch. So fortunate to be a part of such a special group. Talking, listening, sharing. They are family.

That is that!
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Teaberry survived. I survived. Aunt Betty survived. The happy couple got married. We ate and ate and ate. (Eating is the favorite pastime in Buffalo.) We saw people. Our eyes were dazzled by fall color. We stood under rainbows at Niagara Falls. We visited a cemetary, a 125 year old Victorian house, and so many restaurants. I sampled peanut sticks and dark chocolate sponge candy. It was all good except for missing my cocker spaniel. I guess I can travel again.


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