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TB and I witnessed a fight down the hill at the park tonight. One man with a pitbull on a looooong (20ft) leash. One older man with 3 little dogs on leashes. Another older man with 2 little dogs on retractable leashes. We missed the beginning because a man came up to my car as I was getting TB out to warn me of an in-ground wasps nest marked by a stick. He said a dog was killed there by wasps last week. So the fight was in progress: Pitbull owner yelling that as long as his dog was leashed it was fine. Screamed at the older men to go to hell and more. 2 older men were upset that pitbull has come after smaller dogs and that it needed to be on a 6 ft. leash. We crossed the street in haste and took another route. I was rattled because this park is usually a pretty nice place to walk.

TB went to groomer today. I know it is hard for him. He tries not to get out of the car. Has internal GPS that tells him where we are. It is also hard for me.

Feeling behind as I don't have parterre plant list ready for garden tomorrow.

Sister coming to town in Sept. Invited brother and then asked what I am doing for all family to celebrate mother's birthday. Bossy. Always has been.

Sara called and said there was a birthday party for Chuck today at noon that she has known about for a month. I couldn't go today. :o(

Goodbye August.
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