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OK another birthday ... now up to 67. All in all it was the best kind of day. I was at the Water Conservation Garden early for continuing work on the plant list for the sensory garden. A couple of birthday salutations (Facebook keeps everyone informed of such events). Met briefly with Clayton (horticultural director) re. the Formal Garden area. He is leaving on vacation so nothing immediate will happen other than my working on plant list for that area. Jim, Suzy, my mother and I had lunch at El Cajon Bistro which was quite nice. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and conversation. Worked on home tidying and dog hair vacuuming since Melissa will be here from SF area today thru Monday. Jim returned and we picked up Suzy to go to Montgomery field where the two of them went on the bi-plane ride that I had gifted Jim for his 70th birthday. I took photos and watched through the large plate glass window while drinking iced tea at Casa Machado, the upstairs airport restaurant. They apparently LOVED it. They flew over Suzy's workplace (La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club) and took photos. I was so glad that Suzy agreed to go as I just could not/would not do it. Back home with Suzy for much needed conversations ... about my mother's health, Suzy's study abroad plans (Tijuana!!!!), and Jim's wish for me to go on Christmas Market Rhine River cruise which I have thus far deflected. Jim then returned and (after having canceled our prior reservations for dinner at George's in La Jolla) Suzy, and I joined him for dinner on the twinkly lit patio at Casa de Pico. It was a relaxing and lovely evening. We'll do George's another evening.

So an interesting, lovely day. I finished the evening reading the many Facebook notes from friends, family, and others.
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