Mar. 8th, 2017

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How about a quick listing today?
*It has been a "hoot" watching Victoria, the owl, in my owl box, as she nurtures and feeds her owlets. The owl box is kept filled with rodent carnage by Albert, a most enterprising and conscientious owl daddy. I think there may be only one egg still to hatch out of the batch of six. Due to their staggered laying times the babies are hatching on a staggered schedule. Thus they are all sizes. Victoria seems to do around the clock feeding. She must be exhausted!

*My postcard is written and stamped ready for 3.15.17, the Ides of Trump. I am daily appalled and horrified by what emanates from the White House.

*Spring has sprung here. Due to the recent rains everything is green and beautiful ... even the weeds.

* New circulating ball type fountain for my garden. So lovely and tranquil.

*Betty has come and gone. She stayed with Teaberry so that I could experience 3 days of Catalina. First visit.

*Added Signage Team to Water Conservation responsibilities. Clayton gave permission yesterday for pot purchase for parterre. My mother and I are purchasing a large fountain for succulent planting in the formal garden area.

*Haircut and color urgently needed!

*New neighbor in rental house with many cars. Usually 5 at a time but not always the same five. Not sure who is there. Pitfall of a large home next door is that hordes move in and feel free to park in front of my home.

*Daylight savings time already!?!


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