Jul. 20th, 2016

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after a three week hiatus. Actually I went both Monday and Wednesday. I have some aching muscles but it felt good. I think it is helping with some of the current stresses in my life. Also when I don't go I feel disgusted with myself and wonder why the sabotage. So I'm going to say that I am getting back on track.

It has been so hot here that I haven't wanted to do much. After the Y I stopped in at AAA to check on my homeowners insurance policy. After that I went to see Joni about a hair update. She had someone ahead of me so I stopped in Target and from the Starbucks counter obtained a black iced tea and a slice of Lemon Loaf. After eating the Lemon Loaf I checked on the WW site and was shocked that I had just eaten 20 of the 28 points I am meant to eat in a day. Ugh! Back to see Joni for color and cut. Don't like the color much ... I asked for lighter and got a sort of light grayish tone. Oh well! Then to Albertson's for groceries and hurry home because my car temp. was 105 degrees and I had gotten some frozen items. Sorted through wardrobe this afternoon to try and find something appropriate for our jitterbug "peformance" tomorrow. If it is this hot I know that I will not enjoy dancing in a hot parking lot at 4:30 tomorrow. But at least I have a haircut ... and newly greyed hair. I am so funny! Ha!


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