Apr. 12th, 2016

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When I was little (back in the dark ages) my mother sewed all the clothing for herself as well as my sister and I. She sewed shirts for my brothers, pj's for my dad and all manner of household items (curtains and draperies, etc.)..She learned to sew growing up and ended up getting a Home Economics degree in Tennessee. She worked for a while as a Home Advisor before marrying and migrating to California. Anyway when I came along sewing was an integral part of our household. My mother had/has an old Singer treadle sewing machine updated with a motor during early postwar days. I started out helping her pin patterns, moved on to sewing threadless over paper designs to learn to operate the machine. At nine years old I made my first dress. Looking back it was not an easy design: skirt gathered onto a bodice, zipper and a rolled collar. After that there was no stopping me. (My mother was a 4-H sewing leader and also taught probably 75 girls to sew over the years.) I had wonderful clothes in high school. I'd buy Vogue patterns and beautiful fabrics and my clothes were stylish and unique. I became interested in quilting because my grandmother was a quilter and had many lovely quilts. She also had lots of old quilt tops made of depression era feed sacks. I got books and experimented. I made three large one-patch bedcover quilts (one for my then fiance.) I obtained books on old quilt patterns and became fascinated with old patterns and their origins. I found adult ed classes. I made baby and toddler clothes for my children. I used patchwork, English smocking, and French hand sewing. I continued to sew for myself ... simple mom clothes and a few work outfits. When I finally went back to work full-time I promised myself I'd get back to sewing "when I had time". Single parenting and working doesn't leave much time. Now I have time but not the inclination. My eyesight is poor. Patterns cost more than a store bought item. Good fabric is hard to get here and extremely expensive. It's hard to thread a needle even with a needle threader. So many excuses. It took me 6 mos. just to bind Susannah's running bib quilt with bias mixed plaid binding. The truth is ... I am probably done sewing. I passed on my old faithful sewing machine to my daughter who loves to sew but has very little time between work and school. My unfinished quilts and projects languish. Here are just a few of my earlier projucts.


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