Mar. 28th, 2016

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I belong to a local garden club as well as being a docent at The Water Conservation Garden in my area. Both venues are a fount of ideas not to mention providing a plethora of shared plant cuttings. Our last garden club meeting was held at a members' new home which (since no lawns were allowed) featured native landscaping. Some were natives that came back after the home was built and others were selected to suit the grounds. Many of the smaller plants came from cuttings. Our speaker for the morning was Connie Beck, a local horticulture teacher, garden club member, and a very humorous, engaging lecturer. She demonstrated ways to propagate different kinds of plants. We then were encouraged to take cuttings that we could propagate at home. So much fun. I came right home and got to work. We'll see how they progress (or not).

Next, one of my garden teams was working in the sensory garden. We trimmed back several plants and I brought home cuttings to add to my collection. I eagerly watch to verify that they are alive and growing.

In other garden news I experimented with growing moss. I am hoping to grow moss successfully at home and then try it on the cement angels in the formal garden area of the WCG. Unfortunately, my black cocker, Teaberry, decided that he liked the taste of the buttermilk in the mix and licked and scratched most of it off. Looks like I'll be making another batch.

Finally the WCG had our first ever tour of 5 gardens owned by docents. It was wonderful. So many good ideas and the organization and implementation of the tour worked like well-oiled machinery. So many compliments from the public. It was fun to talk with people who are striving to use more drought tolerant plantings.


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